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The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems That Any Broken Arrow Residents Experience

The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems That Any Broken Arrow Residents Experience

When air conditioners stop working, some homeowners in Broken Arrow think it’s because of a dirty filter or a clogged drain. While those are both possible causes of an A/C unit not working, they’re not the only culprits. In fact, most air conditioning problems are caused by much bigger issues. Here are the top 10 air conditioner problems that Broken Arrow residents experience:

Your A/C System Won’t Turn On 

After a long, hot day, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to refuse to turn on. But no matter how you take good care of your unit, this problem will happen.

As a homeowner who only wants to beat the heat during summer and stay comfortable when the weather gets unbearable, you can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with your air conditioner. There could be numerous reasons why your unit is not turning on. It could be due to a blown fuse or the wiring has gone out badly.

For a more accurate diagnosis, an A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK company on your side is what you need. They will not only inspect every nook and cranny of your air conditioner but also fix what needs to be repaired immediately.

No Cold Air Coming From the Vents

What if your A/C unit turns on, but no cold air is coming out of the vents? This could be extremely inconvenient when the temperature outside is soaring and you’re trying to stay cool indoors.

The first thing you need to do is check if the thermostat is set to “cool” mode. If it is, your compressor may be the one to blame and will need to be repaired immediately by an HVAC contractor. If left unattended for an extended period, it could cause more damage to your unit and lead to a costlier A/C repair Broken Arrow OK. Don’t wait for that to happen before you let the qualified pros inspect your air conditioner.

Your Unit is Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is what makes your A/C system blow out cool air to your home. Sad to say, the coil that contains the refrigerant is susceptible to wear and tear. With frequent use, it can develop a hole that will cause the refrigerant to seep out of your unit.

If this happens, you’ll notice water pooling around your air conditioner. In some cases, the refrigerant might be dripping from the vents, which is not only uncomfortable but can also be dangerous.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to contact the pros for immediate A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK before it gets worse.

Short Cycling

Another problem that commonly plagues air conditioners is short cycling. It occurs when the A/C system turns on and off too frequently, usually lasting for only a few minutes each time.

This problem not only makes your cooling unit work overtime but can also shorten its lifespan. In extreme cases, it can also lead to a complete breakdown of the unit.

As a troubleshooting tip, you can check if the air filter is clean. A filter filled with impurities can restrict airflow and cause the unit to overheat, leading to short cycling.

If the problem persists even after you’ve cleaned and replaced the filter, it’s time to call in the experts for A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK. With a qualified technician, you can be sure that your unit will be back to its peak condition in no time.

Your Outdoor Unit is Leaking Water

During the cooling process, water is produced as a by-product. This is why you’ll see water dripping from your outdoor unit when your air conditioner is running.

However, if you notice water pooling around the A/C system, that’s not normal, which you should take seriously. But why is your unit leaking water excessively? It could be due to a clogged drainage pipe that’s not doing its main job properly. As a result, water will start to accumulate and leak out from your cooling system.

This problem should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage to your A/C equipment. But that does not mean you will handle an A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK project yourself as you may end up doing more harm than good.

It would be best to entrust your air conditioner to the hands of a qualified technician who knows how to fix the problem without causing any damage to your unit. They will quickly unclog the drainage pipe and have your unit working like new again without too much hassle.

Weak Airflow 

Aside from no cold air coming out of the vents, another problem you might encounter is weak airflow. There are several reasons why this happens, and one of them is a dirty filter. As we’ve mentioned earlier, a clogged filter can reduce airflow and cause your unit to work harder than usual.

In case you have a newly installed filter, and the airflow from your A/C system is getting weaker day by day, your evaporator coil may be frozen, so you should thaw the ice as soon as possible before it turns into a massive block that will prevent airflow altogether.

If you don’t have any idea how it’s done, it would be best to schedule A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK from a well-established HVAC company as this is a delicate task. A single wrong move can cause further damage to your air cooling unit, which can cost you an arm or a leg to repair.

The Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently 

Like the water dripping from your unit, it is normal for your cooling unit to trip the circuit breakers from time to time. This is because your A/C system uses a lot of power, and the circuit breakers are designed to protect your home from electrical fires by shutting off the power when too much is being used.

However, if this becomes a frequent occurrence, that’s already a cause for concern. Perhaps, too much dirt starts to build up in the filter or the coil. Probably, the coil fan is broken, or the wiring connections are starting to loosen up.

Whatever the reason is, you should not ignore this problem as it can lead to a complete breakdown of your unit if left unresolved. The best way to deal with this is by consulting with a dependable A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK technician in your area.

You Start to Hear Some Strange Sounds 

After a tiring day at work, all you want to do is relax in your cool and comfortable home. But what if strange noises start to come out of your A/C unit? It would surely ruin your relaxation time, right?

There are different types of sounds that can come out of a cooling system, and each has its own meaning. For instance, a hissing sound indicates that there’s a refrigerant leak, while a loud bang could mean that the compressor is about to fail.

If you hear any of these sounds coming from your air conditioner, don’t try to fix it yourself as a project like this A/C repair Broken Arrow, OK requires the expertise of a certified professional.

Damaged Air Ducts

Leaky ductwork is another problem that homeowners in Broken Arrow, OK and surrounding communities experience. If you have a central air conditioner, the cool air produced by your unit will travel through a system of ducts before it reaches the different rooms in your house.

Over time, these ducts can get damaged and cause leaks. As a result, around 30% to 40% of the air produced by your A/C unit will be lost before it reaches its destination, which is not good for your energy consumption.

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your ductwork, call a qualified HVAC contractor to conduct an inspection immediately. They will determine the source of the leak and seal it using the appropriate materials at a price that you can afford.

Broken Thermostat

Lastly, a broken thermostat can also cause your cooling system to malfunction. If you have an outdated model, it might not be able to give you an accurate temperature reading, and this could cause your unit to cycle on and off more frequently than you’ve expected. As a result, your energy consumption will go up, and so does your electric bill.

To avoid this from happening, have your thermostat checked by a certified HVAC technician at least once a year. They will be able to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. 

And when the time comes that you need to buy a new one, it would be advisable to upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat. These models are designed to give you more control over your Air Conditioning unit, and they can help you save money on your energy bills for many years to come.

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