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Top Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Top Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Expect efficient operation, longer service life, improved comfort, and reduced cooling costs with preventive A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK. Cartwright Heat & Air has a team of industry-certified and factory-trained technicians ready to handle all your maintenance needs.

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Residential AC Maintenance In Tulsa, OK

Keep Your A/C Working at its Peak with Preventive Maintenance

The scorching summer is officially here. Is your air conditioning system working correctly and still as efficient as it was? If your answer is NO, then maybe there is something you missed out on—air conditioning maintenance in Tulsa, OK.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of maintenance tasks you can do and the things you should leave to the experts.

Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Here are the maintenance works you can do to your air conditioning system:

Replace your air filter regularly. Check, clean, and change your air filters at least once every three months or as needed. Doing so helps you avoid damaging the unit’s internal components, reduces your monthly energy cost, and improves your indoor air quality.

Check your thermostat. If your unit fails to kick in, do not fret. Try checking your thermostat first, as it might be the cause of the problem. Start checking the battery and if it’s out of charge, replace it. Check also the setting and adjust it if there’s an error. If none of these steps work, then call your A/C maintenance contractor in Tulsa, OK.

Check for obstructions. To help your unit work properly, make sure that your air registers and vents are not blocked. Remove the furniture, rugs, and other obstructions that impede proper air distribution. Also, clear out the debris sitting near your outdoor component to allow good airflow.

Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to the Professionals

Here are the jobs that require professional air conditioning unit maintenance in Tulsa, OK:

Check your ductwork. Cracks, gaps, and holes may develop in your duct over time. Those leaks allow the conditioned air to leak out and even give way for the pollutants and dirt to seep in. Your technician can seal the leaks and clean the debris sitting in your ductwork.

Examine the electrical connections. This job includes checking the electrical terminals, applying a non-conductive coating, and tightening connections.

Lubricate the motor. Friction can occur if your unit’s motor lacks lubrication. It can also increase your monthly energy use and even damage the parts of your unit. Your technician will apply lubrication to allow smooth operation.

Remove blockages. Professional A/C maintenance in Tulsa, OK includes a complete inspection of your filters, ducts, indoor coils, and blowers for dirt and other obstructions.

Inspect the system’s vital components. Fire may occur, and your unit might run inefficiently if its vital parts are damaged. Your technician ensures that the condenser coil, expansion valve, compressor, refrigerant, accumulator, and other parts are working properly to avoid problems.

Do necessary repair and replacement. If there are parts needed to be repaired or replaced, no one else could do the job better than professionals. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done right the first time.

Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up & Safety Inspection

There’s nothing better than knowing that your A/C works efficiently and properly throughout the summer months. Professional system maintenance can help you achieve it.

If you need residential A/C maintenance in Tulsa, OK, call Cartwright Heat & Air at (918) 694 9412. We’re best at what we do!