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Even though air filters have advanced significantly in the last decade, a small quantity of dust still makes its way through heating and cooling filters and into your home’s ductwork. As dust collects throughout your house, it provides the ideal habitat for mold, mites, and dangerous germs to thrive.

To check for dust accumulation in your ductwork, remove a few supplies and return registers and observe how much dust has collected. If you decide to clean your system, hiring a professional duct cleaner is the best choice.

Standard furnace filters do a good job of keeping your system and ducts clean, but they don’t do much to enhance interior air quality. A media filter is required for this. The media filter sits between the main return duct and the blower cabinet, removing seven times more dust and particles than a conventional furnace filter. Upgrade to a pleated media filter, on the other hand, and everything from pesticide dust to airborne viruses will be removed from the filtered air.

When an outdoor unit is covered, it should never be used. Covering the device while it’s running may prevent essential airflow and harm the system. Speak to your local, certified professional HVAC dealer for further information on your location’s HVAC system suggestions.