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Tulsa's Most Trusted A/C Installation Services

Tulsa's Most Trusted A/C Installation Services

Whether you need a replacement for your old air conditioning unit or a brand new cooling system for your new home in Tulsa, OK, leave the installation job to reliable HVAC pros. 

Cartwright Heat & Air is the most dependable residential A/C installation service provider in Tulsa, OK. Our team has more than four decades of a proven track record servicing residential properties in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. You can trust our master technicians to make your home comfortable throughout the summer and winter. 

Professional A/C Installers in Tulsa, OK & Nearby Areas

Proper installation is crucial for a new cooling system to operate efficiently and effectively. At Cartwright Heat & Air, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our A/C installation team in Tulsa, OK. Our installers are NATE-certified, which means they have the knowledge and skills required to install an air conditioning unit properly. 

Furthermore, our team performs Energy Star Quality A/C installation. We adhere to a rigorous A/C unit installation and planning program to guarantee that your cooling equipment will operate at its fullest potential upon installation.

technician perform the AC Installation In Tulsa, OK

Signs You Need A/C Replacement

Air conditioning units usually show signs for a replacement. We have listed below the indications you should watch out for.

  • The unit requires frequent repair. If the cost of repair is more than 50% of the cost of installing a new AC system, it is practical to let your existing unit go. 
  • The unit is using an R-22 Refrigerant. While EPA allows continuous use of AC using R-22 refrigerant, the production and import of the said refrigerant have been prohibited since 2020. So servicing units using R-22 refrigerant would be expensive. 
  • The system is in the last few years of its expected lifespan. Energy Star recommends replacement for units that have been in service for ten years and up. Newer models are more efficient, so they could save you money in the long run.

The system is struggling to keep your home cool despite preventative maintenance. It is usually a sign of aging and the need to get a/c installation services in Tulsa, OK.

Your Go-to Provider of Cost-Effective A/C Installation & Replacements

Many factors affect the cost of hiring an A/C installation contractor in Tulsa, OK. We have to consider the type and size of the air conditioner unit, the need for ductwork, and the labor, to mention some. Nevertheless, we ensure that you get your money’s worth. 

Cartwright Heat & Air make sure that you can get an air conditioning unit of the highest quality. Hence, we offer a complete line of products from Rheem, Goodman, and Carrier. Our team also provides rebates so you can save money. To find the right system for your space, our technician will conduct an in-home inspection and load calculation.

Contact the Cooling Experts at Cartwright Heat & Air LLC!

DIY installation guides and resources online can’t match  the experience and knowledge of air conditioning installation experts in Tulsa, OK. Cooling pros understand air conditioning units like the back of their hands and know what it takes to ensure that you can get the most out of your cooling system. 

For a reliable air conditioning unit installation in Tulsa, OK and nearby areas, contact Cartwright Heat & Air at (918) 694 9412. We offer a free quote!