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Best Residential Heat Pump Systems in Tulsa, OK

Best Residential Heat Pump Systems in Tulsa, OK

Are you looking for the most efficient heat pumps in Tulsa, OK? Or need fast and dependable heat pump services? Cartwright Heat & Air has you covered. We carry a complete line of heat pumps from Carrier, Rheem and Goodman. We also install, repair, and maintain these types of systems for both residential and commercial properties.

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Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

Heat pump systems in Tulsa, OK are among the most excellent systems you can find in the market today. They are highly efficient and provide year-round comfort with just a flip of a switch. But just like other equipment, heat pumps can also experience issues and might need professional repair.

Call the experts when you see these signs of problems below:

Stuck in One Mode

Is your heat pump water heater in Tulsa, OK refusing to heat or cool your home? Heat pumps that are stuck in one mode may have problems with the reversing valve. The valve is responsible for reversing the refrigerant flow throughout the systems to switch the operation from heating to cooling or vice versa. Call your technician to repair or replace the failing reversing valve.

Ice on the Coil

If there’s ice developing along with the coils, one or two problems are potentially occurring—a refrigerant leak or dirt build-up in the coil. Simply scraping the ice won’t resolve the problem in your heat pumps in Tulsa, OK. If the issue is about a leaking refrigerant, your technician can repair or seal the crack and recharge the coolant. But if it’s the dirt that causes the icing, your technician will remove the coil and clean it.

Strange Noise from the Cabinet

Production of strange sounds, such as grinding or clicking from your system’s cabinet, indicates problems. The grinding sound means the motor lacks lubrication or it’s dirty. If not addressed, it will burn out eventually. On the other hand, clicking noise indicates problems with capacitors. If not repaired, the capacitor won’t be able to transfer voltage to let the motor kick in. Bring in an experienced technician to repair your heat pump in Tulsa, OK.

Short Cycling Operation

Your heat pump follows a cycle when heating or cooling your home. But when it turns on and off every few minutes, it means it has problems. Short cycling is a major issue, and once not addressed right away, it can cause breakdown and expensive repairs. A lot of things could go wrong when short cycling continues, so call the experts for an immediate repair.

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At Cartwright Heat & Air, we have knowledgeable and trained contractors ready to solve your heat pump issues. If your system needs installation or maintenance, we provide cost-effective solutions you can depend on. We service all makes and models of heat pumps and guarantee quality results.

We can also install the system, which we sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry. We handle all sizes of installation, whether it’s for your home or business.

If you need the best residential heat pumps in Tulsa, OK, or looking for professional services, Cartwright Heat & Air is the name you can trust. Call us at (918) 694 9412 to set an appointment.