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The Go-To HVAC Technician For A/C Installation Bixby, OK

A highly BTU-rated air conditioner is the number one choice for home and business owners because it has a higher cooling capacity. But a larger unit for a small room can be inefficient and make your space feel uncomfortably cool. 

Of course, you want an HVAC technician that can help you choose the perfect sized unit for your cooling needs, and you don’t have to search further than Cartwright Heat & Air.  Not only will we help you find the right air conditioner, but we also have a proven track record in providing quality A/C installation Bixby, OK for many years now. 

AC Installation Bixby

Why an Oversized Air Conditioner is a Bad Idea 

When looking for a new air conditioner, you’re more likely to invest in a large system, especially when you have a busy schedule or it’s getting warmer day by day. But this can be a huge mistake as bigger air conditioning equipment doesn’t mean it’s better. In fact, an oversized unit can be detrimental, not only to your comfort but also to your health.

Here are a few reasons you should avoid a large air conditioning system: 

Louder and Less Inefficient 

Like any appliances at home, air conditioners are not quiet and can create noise while running. But that’s not as distracting as you imagine when it’s proportional to your home. 

On the other hand, an oversized unit could create a loud sound, affecting your quality night’s sleep and making it difficult to concentrate on work or school during the day. Before making your final purchase, be sure to measure the room in which you’ll be placing your new air conditioner to ensure you buy the right size or consult the pros with in-depth knowledge in A/C installation Bixby, OK.

Short Cycling Issues

When air conditioners turn on or off often, some people automatically think their thermostat is poorly installed or the pressure control switch is extremely low. But if all of them work just fine and your air conditioner is still short cycling, it’s possible that your system is oversized for your home. It’s definitely time to consider a replacement, and the expert in A/C installation Bixby, OK can come into play. 

Costlier Than Expected 

A large air conditioner will blast a lot of cold air at once, causing your thermostat to drop or the entire unit not to dehumidify or even circulate every air available in your room. For that reason, your A/C will just turn on over and over again. This does not only lead to higher energy bills but may also shorten your system’s longevity. 

Extra Wear and Tear

An air conditioner that constantly starts up and shuts down also has a higher risk to get worn out. This means you’ll likely spend a big sum of money on frequent repairs. Common signs to look out for include weakening airflow, loud banging sounds, and strange smells. 

Uncertain About Which A/C Size is Right For Your Home? Schedule a Consultation with Cartwright Heat & Air LLC!

Let’s admit it! Finding the perfect size of air conditioner for you and your home is never an easy task especially if it is your first time. 

But this is where the expert team at Cartwright Heat & Air can come to your rescue. We will help you find the unit that best suits your needs and budget. Remember that we also install any size, make, and model of air conditioners. 

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